Why we should all own a denim jacket for Spring / Summer.

Why we should all own a denim jacket for Spring / Summer.

The denim jacket was originally invented around the 1880’s by king of denim Levi Strauss. Originally marketed (along side jeans) as a durable, breathable utility garment for the working man.  These days denim is for everyone.  Whether you’re into jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses or jackets, denim is a classic fabric and continues to be a wardrobe staple.

I love the denim jacket, it’s a great Spring / Summer option when the weather is not quite warm enough to go without a ‘jacket’.  Denim jackets can also be colour matched to most outfits, especially if you go for a light blue or navy colour, making it the perfect go to jacket when you need it.

Whilst I appreciate the current trend for the oversized denim jacket and I like it on others, it’s not for me.  I prefer the classic fitted denim jacket. I also tend to go for darker denim rather than the lighter option but only because I feel it goes with more of my wardrobe and for me the darker colour feels a little more dressy than the lighter denim.  I love wearing my denim jacket with dresses, skirts and jumpsuits.  They take a feminine outfit and (in the same way trainers do) help make it more day-time friendly and street style chic.

So what is Denim? Well it’s a type of cotton, in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. Warp threads of denim fabric are dyed in indigo while weft threads remain plain white. That is why denim is blue on the one side and white on the other.  You learn something new everyday (or maybe not).

Pure denim, differs significantly from denim blends in texture and structure. One kind of pure denim, known as selvage denim, is marketed as a premium material in designer jeans. Other kinds of denim are mixed with synthetic or natural fibers to be stretchier, lighter weight and less wrinkly. 

So all that being said here are my top 12 denim jackets for this season. 


2: J Brand £98

3: MiH Jeans jacket £124

4: VINCE £198


6: HM £24.99

7: ZARA £25.99




10: BLANKNYC £96 

11: FRAME £265

12: ZARA £25.99

As you can see from the list above there are many styles, colours and price points out there.  At the end of the day it will be down to personal preference.  Having done this research I may be now tempted to buy a light blue denim jacket for myself. Decisions, decisions.

Hope this has been helpful. 

Love Chet x


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