Superhero = Yellow Jumper, Side Kick = Over the knee boots and The Girl = Leather Skirt

So why is ‘The Rule of Three’ so important and what does it mean exactly?

Recently the fabulous Clare from Miss Dress set out a style challenge and Day 1 was all about the Rule of Three.  Now for many of you this will be easy and intuitive and you will do this on a regular basis without much thought.  But there were an equal number of you who didn’t understand what I meant when I tried to share this on Instagram (It may have been down to how I explained it in fairness but I felt it deserved a blog post).

The Rule of Three or The Golden Ratio has been used for Centuries.  You will have most likely come across this principle within Mathematics, Architecture, Literature, Interior Design, Art, Photography and in Fashion.

The idea is that things that come in three’s are more aesthetically pleasing than if you group two or four things together. 

In writing it is thought that things that come in three are funnier, more effective and more memorable. 

The reason for this all revolves around the way in which our brains sees, remembers and interprets information.  Three is the smallest number required to make a repeatable pattern.  This makes it easier to remember when things are grouped in three’s and more pleasing to our eyes.

Some examples to show you how this principle is used across many areas.

  • Newton’s three rules of motion in Physics
  • Musical triads: the three-note building blocks of musical harmony.
  • Within Religion we havethe concept of the triple deity, common throughout world mythology, such as the holy trinity.
  • Art and Photography you have the principles of composition, such as the rule of thirds


The rule of three in fashion is quite simple and most of you will be doing this intuitively already. 

It is all too easy to pull out a top and bottom first thing in the morning, however if you stop to add a third piece you can take your clothes and turn them into a stylish outfit. 

The addition of a simple third piece will help to elevate your look and take it up a level without much extra effort.  It could be as simple as adding another layer, such as a knit, blazer, jacket or a statement accessory like a belt, earrings or a necklace.

If you are adding an accessory as your third item make sure it makes a statement otherwise it doesn’t count.


1 SUPERHERO + 1 SIDE KICK + 1 GIRL (Clare’s more fun version)

If you are more adventurous add more LAYERS and ACCESSORIES and see your outfit come to life.  This is down to personal preference and if it feels too much stick to three items.

Also remember if you are using accessories as your third item make that ACCESSORY STAND OUT.  It really does have to be a statement piece.  So a pair of simple shoes doesn’t count unless it is a stand out pair of shoes and same with jewellery, your diamond stud earrings don’t count but a pair of big statement earrings do.

I hope that this has been of some help and gets you thinking. I promise you that this simple small style tip will help make you look even more stylish than you already do.

Love Chet x

Disclaimer: All images used are from Pinterest other than the image of Clare which was sent to me.

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