I could not write a blog post about colour and colour harmonies and not actually do an edit of what’s out there at the moment.  I’ve shared with you some of my favourite pieces and accessories. However you choose to wear colour pieces they are everywhere.

 You can go for ‘colour clash’ or just add a touch of colour using accessories or one piece.  If you are not sure, add one bright item with other neutral pieces.  If you’ve not read my ‘How to colour your wardrobe confidently‘ do that first as it will give you an insight into colour harmonies and how they work (although I am also a big believer in going with what feels right and makes you feel good) also remember that colour is a form of non-verbal communication so the colour you choose may help reflect or even alter your mood for the day.

The simplest way to add extra colour is through your accessories.  A statement pair of earrings or shoes can take an ordinary outfit to another level.  Imagine simple black and white outfit worn with a pop of yellow.  

Yellow (Optimistic, Happiness, Cheerful)


Red ( Passion, Ambition, Sexual Passion)


Blue (Trust, Peace, Loyalty)


Orange (Warmth, Social, Happiness)


Green (Balance, Harmony, Nature)


Pink (Compassion, Nurturing, Love) & Purple (Spiritual, Imagination)

I really hope that the colour confident and colour edit blog have been of some help when deciding what to buy or how to wear your existing wardrobe.  If you are inspired by anything on the blog please remember to leave me a comment or better still send me a pic on instagram and show my how you’ve coloured your wardrobe. 


Love Chet x


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