‘Sex and the City’ Stamford style at The Bull & Swan

‘Sex and the City’ Stamford style                      at The Bull & Swan

The Bull & Swan at Burghley
St Martins

T: 01780 766 412


In a world that is crazy busy it is sometimes easy to forget to stop and make time for yourself.  Despite having many friends live nearby it has become harder to organise even a simple catch up.  Work, kids commitments and life in general seem to have a habit of getting in the way. 

Having a night out with friends allows us to have some ‘me-time’, recharge our batteries and help us to feel energised again – so why don’t we do it more often?

When the opportunity came along to go watch ‘Sex and the City’, eat pizza and drink wine over at The Bull & Swan in Stamford I jumped at the chance.  This was a date night with the girls.

A date was confirmed; the weather was kind and armed with blankets and layers we set off.  It was brilliant and the movie (despite seeing it before) was perfect for girls catch up. 


The Bull & Swan have created a beautiful outdoor space called The Kitchen Garden.  On sunny days and warm evenings you can choose to sit, eat and drink out in the garden. 

During the spring / summer months ‘April – September’ and British weather permitting on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can watch a movie and grab a pizza from the Pizza Potting Shed right there in the garden between 6pm – 9pm. On a Sunday they show movies to appeal to the younger members of the family and the Pizza Shed is open between 12pm – 6pm, allowing you to be home in time for bed and school the next day.

The beauty is that you don’t need to book. This is on a ‘first come first serve‘ basis – you just pay for the food and drinks, the movie is FREE.

A few tips – go early as all the best seats get taken up; take blankets and layers in case the weather changes.  They do have blankets (and have ordered more since we visited) and whilst we were there there were no outdoor heaters however I have been told that these are on order so fingers crossed that they will have arrived for your visit.


The menu is simple and straightforward, Wood fired Pizza’s from the Pizza Potting Shed are made to order.  Options are limited, one veggie and one meat version were displayed on the menu (but what amazing toppings) when we went however they were pretty flexible and ingredients permitting will make you something to taste.  No gluten free or vegan options are available however for vegan’s I’m guessing they’d be able to make you a pizza with lots of vegetables minus the cheese.

The pizzas were delicious (no complaints at all from me) and come out in take-away boxes, informal and practical. 

For the kids they have what’s known as a Kitchen Garden Pot priced at £9.95.  This includes a house wrap,crudities, fresh fruit, fruit shoot, ice cream & grow your own cress pack to take home OR the £7.50 deal which is a main meal from the dedicated children’s menu (which looks fabulous), a fruit shoot, and a pudding.


So whilst the drinks menu isn’t extensive and you won’t find cocktails, there is something to suit most taste buds.  Champagne, Prosecco, Wine and Gin are all available so quite frankly we were sorted.

We ordered a bottle of Italian White Pinot Girgio £22 and found it to be an easy drinking wine that paired well with the goats cheese on our pizza.


The service was brilliant.  It is pretty relaxed and informal so you just make your way to the back garden, find a seat, order your pizza and pop into the bar to grab your drink. The manager is usually around and your pizza will be brought to you.  It’s a small space so get there early and grab your garden furniture.  We got there at 6.40pm and all the best seats were taken.


I was expecting there to be a charge for the movie but there isn’t.  You literally pay for the Pizzas (£12 for one or £20 for two) and your drinks. Personally I think this is incredibly reasonable and already thinking of taking my girls and their friends for a movie and a bite to eat.


Laid back atmosphere, great place to meet during the week in the summertime even without a movie.  Everyone was super friendly with one lady even offering to share her blankets with us (it did get a little chilly).  People are free to get up to grab drinks and more pizza without it being awkward.


The space is cosy so make sure you get there early and if like us you end up on deck-chairs move them to the front.  We struggled to see as clearly as we’d have liked to. 

I think the kid’s menus are great but with a Wood Fired pizza oven I think it’s a missed opportunity to not do kids pizzas.  I know for a fact my two would want to eat pizza and not a wrap or meal from the menu.

I will definitely be going back and for those of you that live locally I highly recommend this place, I mean no pre-booking required or entrance charge.  What is not to love.

Love Chet x


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