Coriander Fresh and Ground (Dhania)

This is another firm favourite in my house.  I always try to have fresh coriander (the herb) in the house and failing this I know that in my spice box I will have the ground version (the seeds which constitute the spice). 

A lot of my recipes use both fresh and ground and whilst I feel quite relaxed about chillies and their use this for me is a non-negotiable spice in your spice box.  Both the fresh and ground version can be found at your supermarket.

I tend to buy a large bunch of fresh coriander and wash it in cold water. I then lay this out onto kitchen roll to dry and after a few hours I wrap the whole bunch into the damp kitchen roll and put into an airtight container.  It lasts for up to two weeks this way. No joke. Oh and just another tip, don’t let any coriander go down your kitchen sink, for some reason coriander and sinks don’t bode well and the smell over time is gross.