I started following Anna @annacascarina quite early on in her Instagram journey and the first thought that sprung to mind when I saw her images was ‘here is someone doing something creative and very different’.  This was a good thing.  From the outset Anna was disrupting a space that can more often than not end up looking the same.  I then had the pleasure of meeting Anna at a couple of events and it was great seeing her passion and determination to get people talking about fashion for the over 40s.  Anna’s instagram feed has grown since launch and the magazine style posts are full of information and style tips, easy to follow bite size pieces of fashion and trend information that is wearable.

1: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

After 6 years studying at the London College of Fashion I went on to work as a fashion editor and stylist for various magazines before going freelance.  I then decided 5 years ago to create and launch my own magazine aimed at mums with young children called Little Flea. I now work as a content creator and stylist. 

2: Can you tell us a little more about your Editorial and Stylist role?

As I mentioned I worked for various magazines. For some I worked with high end and couture designers and others more high-street. I love being creative and art directing shoots. Coming up with an idea and bringing it to life is so satisfying. It’s my passion. 

3: Your Instagram feed is incredibly creative can you tell us a little bit more about your creative background?

When I started Little Flea magazine back in 2014 I didn’t have any experience in the actual design of magazines. That was usually left to the art department.  So I had to teach myself how to use photoshop and in-design. Over the years I have improved and it has allowed me to use these skills in my Instagram posts. 

4: How do you balance Fashion Editorial work, being a stylist,  ‘Little Flea’ and your work on Instagram?

Little Flea closed in January. I had to make a decision between my Fashion Instagram and the Magazine as doing both was too much.  Over time I felt like my passion was changing from children’s wear to adults, as my own kids were getting older.  After much debate I made the hard decision to close the magazine down and just concentrate on Fashion.  The many years of experience within the kids’ magazine arena however means that I still am available to work creatively as a stylist for children’s brands. 

5: Which of these roles do you like/enjoy the most?

I love styling editorial work as there is so much more scope for creativity. But my own Instagram is also a passion of mine. 

6: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I draw my creative inspiration from many places mainly street style, Pinterest, editorial and film.

7: What made you decide to start a lifestyle/fashion blog? 

When I was working on Little Flea I realised that I missed talking about fashion. I have always needed a creative outlet and I wanted to go back to my roots and create an instazine where people could get magazine style content. As I have gotten older I have felt more and more that there isn’t enough representation for the over 40s. My Instagram aims to change that. 

8: How would you describe your style? Would you say you have a signature look? If yes what is it? 

When it comes to style I have always been bit of a chameleon. I think that’s due to my fashion college days!  But I would say my signature style is classic with a vintage/bohemian edge. 

9: What 5 key pieces will be featuring in your SS20/AW20 wardrobe? 

Linen suits, big dresses, long tailored shorts, blazers, oversized shirts. 

10: How do you balance your blog and instagram with family life? How many hours a day do you spend online? 

Too many! I’m always working. My kids are older so it’s easier to work especially during lockdown. But I know I work too much and it’s not good. I try to not work too much at the weekend. 

11: Who takes your instagram photos? 

Usually I set up a tripod and do it myself but I also have photographer friends who have taken them in the past. Yay for them!

12: What camera do you use? 

I have an Olympus pen with a couple of different lenses but I also sometimes use my husbands Nikon. 

13: What apps do you use to edit your pics?  

I tend to use Photoshop, Lightroom and indesign to edit my photos. 

14: What advice would you give to new bloggers/instagrammers wanting to make their mark?

Have a niche, stick to it and try to create a simple aesthetic for your grid. It’s easy to get caught up with numbers but try not to. It’s hard when you’re trying to grow, but if you connect with your audience, you will succeed. 

Thank you so much for reading this interview.  I hope that you have enjoyed finding out more about Anna, her instazine and her creative journey.  Make sure you go take a look at her instagram feed for the latest on trends and fashion for those of us in ur 40s.

As always any feedback and comments appreciated.

Love Chet x



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