It’s time to get that knitwear out!

It’s time to get that knitwear out!

It’s getting colder and that means that it is the start of knitwear season.  The primary objective of this piece of clothing is to keep us warm and cosy and the secondary – it needs to look good.  

There are so many different types of knits and wools available, I won’t go into all the mixes as there are so many blends but the more expensive knitwear usually means a better quality of wool has been used.

Lambswool, Merino, Cashmere, Angora, Mohair, and Alpaca are some of the more common wools you will be used to hearing about.  A knit may be made using 100% of one type of wool or a blend of wools and cotton. A blend (cheaper materials mixed with expensive wool) is often used to help make an item, softer, warmer and feel more luxurious without the hefty price tag.

Here are some of my favourite jumpers for this season.  I generally don’t like something that is too chunky as I like to be able to layer under the jumper with a shirt or blouse and add a coat as well.

I am also not a fan of any wool that is itchy and too fluffy, so you will not find any Mohair picks from me despite the fact there are some lovely Mohair Jumpers out there.  

The knits below are either Jumpers I own or would love to own.

The Simple Collection

Simple knits are great for layering.  I love these because you can wear them with a shirt underneath to add an extra smart layer (a favourite look of mine).  In addition, these jumpers work with denim, over dresses, skirts and trousers.  I am particularly loving the ballon sleeves and 3/4 sleeves that are appearing this year as well.


The Neutral Collection

I may have ordered a few of these as I simply love creams and caramels.  These colours go with everything.  Neutrals are easy to wear and mix with a range of colours.

 If you are feeling pale (not something that I struggle with) and not into fake tans, I’d opt for creams and caramels and steer away from the whites especially over the winter months.

I love roll necks but have to be careful that they don’t take over and make me look dumpy! If you are a roll neck fan and have this issue check out the petite range as these are made to fit those of us that are height challenged.

The Colourful Collection

I love colour and when it comes to jumpers there are so many to choose from that fall into this category.  My advice go with ones that feel right for you and your personality.  I have picked the Marks & Spencer neutral with a splash of yellow and the Mango Wine Coloured knit to add to my collection.

The Pattern Collection

Fair Isle sweaters and sequin knits are my current favourites. The sequin knits can be dressed up for the party season and dressed down for daytime wear with jeans and trainers. I am loving the colours and the bling factor and may have ordered a couple of the below, with my favourite being the Zara sequin knit.  

As always thanks for reading,  with so many amazing knits out there I just wanted to give you a flavour of the ones that were on my radar / in my closet for this AW.  If there any you think I should take a look at just drop me a line or send me pic via Instagram.

Love Chet x

Disclaimer: Some of the links used are affiliate links.  This simply means that if you choose to purchase via the link I will make a small commission (trust me it’s super small). This does not cost you anything and it does not change the price of the item you are buying. Happy shopping.

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