I came across Santina via instagram and immediately fell in love with her account ‘Hues of White’.  A carefully curated visual art feed, that simply put, is beautiful.  Santina’s love of art can clearly be seen over on her website and Instagram feed.   Everyday items suddenly become objects of art and are mixed with fashion items to give you a gorgeous visual image. I was incredibly excited when Santina agreed to this interview. Have a read and see what drives this gorgeous lady and where she gets her inspiration from.

1: Tell us a little about yourself?

I am an Italian mother to two little boys who I adore. I like to keep my private life private which is why you won’t see much of them on my social feeds! Like most Italian families I come from a big family and I am one of four siblings! I spend most my days (apart from all the kids activities) working on my brand / website and doing what I love most and is my absolute passion… art!

2: What did you do before you decided to start blogging?

 Finance industry- pretty boring!

3: Your Instagram feed and blog are incredibly creative can you tell us a little bit more about your creative background?

 I don’t really come from a creative background. My background is primarily business management which is what I studied at Southampton University and then went on to do! I have however always had a passion, kind of a love affair with fashion and arts!

4: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I draw all my creative inspiration from Instagram. I feel like before I use to draw that energy out from Pinterest, but its Instagram’s energy and uniqueness of photos and individuals in particular that help and inspire me to be more creative and push my boundaries with a “So What” attitude!

5: What made you decide to start a lifestyle/fashion blog?

Honestly, I had my youngest little boy and was up breastfeeding him at all kinds of hours through the night and I found it a way to keep me up at night whilst feeding.  I also have a lot of friends in the fashion industry from university who encouraged me to do it, and I haven’t looked back!

 6: You are being touted as ‘one to watch’ within the fashion industry, this is incredibly exciting – where do you see Hues of White in the next 5 years?

Incredibly exciting, and a little overwhelming too as I think you put so much pressure to not disappoint anyone! Recently I have been working with 4 really big brands behind the scenes (or shall we say behind the lens!)  and would really like to do more of that ‘brand and image’ consultancy. I really see Hues of White as a brand, not a blog. An online bible as you may say for all things fashion, beauty, health and wellness and Art.

7: How would you describe your style? Would you say you have a signature look? If yes what is it?

Oh, I’m not sure? I would describe my style as colourful and playful with a timeless twist. I live for suiting and tailoring but in bold colours and would say socks and sandals seem to be what everyone is tagging me in so maybe that’s one too!

8: What 5 key pieces will be featuring in your SS19 wardrobe?

5 key pieces for SS19:

  • Boiler-suit trend (just curated an edit)
  • Sunshine shades- Lots of Colour like I’ve just worn over for Olivia Rubin who does it the best!
  • Cycling shorts- Hugely obsessed with this and have just invested in several colours thanks to Mango!
  • Tailoring- Lots of relaxed suits and not just in beige
  • Utility- Because nothing says SS like a utility look!

9: How do you balance your blog and instagram with family life? How many hours a day would you say you spent online?

 I’ve actually been spending less time online since I had those 4 big pieces of work to do. But in general I work super hard. My days are spent with the boys and all their fun and tiring activities but my evenings are nights are spent on my blog! I am currently working with a graphic Designer to re-design my website to look more unique so that’s taking a lot of my time! But all in all I think its really good for mothers who do this to enjoy the time of being “me” which is why I invest so much time into it.

10: Who takes your instagram photos?

 I have two photographers who take my paid work for me and then anyone else that is around for my off-duty look!

11: What camera do you use?

 I use a NIKON DSLR, I have a SONY and my Iphone 8plus. I also have a 35mm Kodak for a vintage look!

12: What apps do you use to edit your pics?  

I’m trying not to edit the photos so much anymore, I think people are drawn towards the rawness of photos of late. But I edit in Light room once my look photos have processed through the MAC and then I will use Afterlight/ Unfold/ VSCO/ Instagram edits depending on what look or feel I want for the photo. So what looks like just a photo, has taken 4 hours to get there!


13: What advice would you give to new bloggers/instagrammers wanting to make their mark?

The only advice I can give new bloggers/ instagrammers and it’s probably the most important one is to really be true to yourself. Be your own style, your own individual look because that’s you! If you’re not yourself it really does show and people won’t buy into that authenticity! Be yourself, be unique and have fun with it!

Thank you so much for reading this interview.  I hope that you have enjoyed finding out more about Santina and her journey post motherhood. I for one, am expecting to see fabulous creative things happen for her and look forward to it.  As always any feedback and comments appreciated.

Love Chet x




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