I briefly met Pascale at a fashion event a couple of years ago (in fact I held the door open for her as her arms were full of clothes).  I started following her on Instagram as you do these days and the more I saw and read about her the more I liked her.  What stood out was her easy-going chatty nature and how she truly engages with her audience.  I then had the chance to meet her properly at the start of this year and what stood out was her passion and energy, she is true to herself and her style is her own. An easy going confident person that is juggling work, a successful blog and a gorgeous family – and making it all look easy.  We find out below more about how she does it all. 

1: Tell us a little about yourself?

After finishing at London College of Fashion I fell into a job in Finance in the city as the pay was a whole lot better and at that time circumstances meant I needed it.  I have been at the same firm for 15 years and over the last 4 years alongside ‘work’ I have also been building up my blog.  I have to say I never anticipated that one day it could potentially turn into my full time job.  I have twin boys and live in Sevenoaks in Kent, although I do miss living in Chiswick…I’m a city girl at heart.

2: You work in the City, how do you balance your day job with your ever-increasing successful blog?

I call it more of a juggle then a balance! I am lucky that my boss is extremely supportive and often doesn’t mind me popping in and out throughout the day. I’m a night owl and will always catch up at home.

3: What made you decide to start a fashion blog? And where do you see it going in the next 5 years?

I started it as an outlet for my creative side that was locked away after LCF due to the city job.  I didn’t imagine it would grow the way it has. I hope it continues to be appealing to my following and I get to keep doing what inspires me – creating looks and content with brands I love.

4: How would you describe your style? Would you say you have a signature look? If yes what is it?

My style is classic with a twist but sometimes I do love to be a little experimental. My usual look would be jeans, tee, blazer and trainers or a tailored trouser and trainers (always trainers!).

5: What 4 key pieces will be featuring in your SS18 wardrobe?

I am loving linen pieces and have just invested in some cream culottes and a jumpsuit. A good denim jacket to see you through spring is always on the top of my hit list, I have the new Hush one and love it. Also a fab pair of shades, I’m loving my red Vow’s.

6: How do you balance your blog and instagram with work and family life? How many hours a day would you say you spend online?

Not every day is the same, a content deadline may mean I will work into the small hours and other days I just don’t post at all and enjoy the real world. Things won’t end if you don’t post for a day! We tend to book in a lot of fun family trips so the kids know that mummy may have to work but we will have something fun planned in to look forward to.

7: Who takes your instagram photos?

It varies sometimes my kids take them! If I need more professional shots for a job I will use my lovely photographer Hannah.

8: What camera do you use?

I have an Olympus Pen EPL7 but am currently researching my next investment as I feel it’s time for an upgrade

9: What apps do you use to edit your pics?

I use VSCO and after light for editing but try not to do too much as the clothes tend to not look the same if they are too heavily filtered.

10: What advice would you give to new bloggers/instagrammers wanting to make their mark?

Stay true to your style and be consistent.  Always engage with others, reply to messages, comment back etc.  Engaging and communicating makes the biggest difference when you have built a loyal community around you.

11: What do you cringe at the most on Instagram?

When images have been retouched too much and the teeth and eye-balls are almost cartoon like!

12: What is the best advice for handling Criticism?

Ignore and move along, you will always get some criticism in this industry.  You just need to have a thick skin to be able to brush it off.  Instagram is not for everyone!  I’m generally quite laid back, criticism hurts but I get over it pretty quickly.

13: What surprising lessons have you learnt along the way?

That people can be quite mean sometimes. When there is a computer screen between you, people sometimes write exactly what they feel even if it could be hurtful.  Luckily I haven’t had too much of this and have moved on from any that has come my way in the past.

14: As a highly successful instagrammer, what advice would you give to your children before they embark on Instagram?

I doubt Instagram will even be here by the time my two are old enough, it will probably be a whole new platform that I will have no clue how to use!


I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Pascale. Be sure to go and follow her journey on Instagram and at her blog Style-Mum.  As always any feedback would be most appreciated and I hope you have enjoyed this interview. 


Love Chet x


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