I started following Chloe on instagram sometime last year and immediately feel in love with her clean, simple photography and her classic sense of style.  On top of a gorgeous feed she has a very open relationship with her followers via her stories. Through these stories you will feel like you truly know the person behind the feed and connect with her daily life.

Chloe’s style is classic, think blazers, lovely jumpers, jeans, leather leggings, beautiful coats and gorgeous accessories.  All of the items are very wearable and will stand the test of time.  Chloe also shares her style edits and passion for all things clothes and beauty over on her blog ‘Chloe Loves To Shop’

1: Tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in South Africa and left home at 21 to travel the world. I arrived in London with the intention of working for a few months to earn some travelling money and ended up being offered a job in HR for a big TV company. I fell in love, got married, had three children and stayed with the company for 17 years. Needless to say I didn’t travel the world!  I recently turned 40 and feel the most content I have felt in years. 


2: You worked in TV, what exactly did you do? and do you miss it?

I was an HR and Talent manager for the UK’s largest independent TV production company, Endemol. Alongside my Human Resources duties I would help to crew up big shows like Big Brother, Total Wipeout and Pointless to name a few. I was there for 17 years so it felt like time for a change and I wanted to be around for the children a bit more. I do miss bits of the office life, the company, the laughter, the office banter, but I love the flexibility that I have now. 

3: What made you decide to start a fashion blog? and where do you see it going in the next 5 years?

I have always loved fashion and have a keen interest in photography so a fashion blog seemed like the perfect thing to do from home. It started out as a hobby but has grown into a fairly full time job. I am not sure where I see it heading, and I am very aware that it has a shelf-life, so I am just enjoying  every opportunity that comes my way. I would really love to design a little collection of my own one day. We will see! 

4: How would you describe your style? Would you say you have a signature look? If yes what is it?

My style is fairly classic with a little nod to the trends. My go to outfit is a great pair of jeans, a cashmere knit and a comfy pair of trainers or boots. I also love a classic blazer over a simple tee. 

 5: What 4 key pieces will be featuring in your SS18 wardrobe?

My new YSL Lou Lou sunglasses, a beautiful pair of slides, floaty maxi skirts and some really good quality plain t-shirts. 

6: How do you balance your blog and instagram with family life? How many hours a day would you say you spent online?

I try to keep my work to school hours, although sometimes that isn’t always possible, especially as most events tend to be in the evening. Because I ‘story’ much of my day, I do have to be careful about how much time I spend on my phone. I tend to get between 100 and 200 messages a day, so sometimes the only way to keep on top of things is to respond straight away. But I try to put the phone down once the children are home from school and then pick it up again at posting time (7/8pm).

7: Who takes your instagram photos?

Me and my trusty tripod. 

 8: What camera do you use?

Olympus PEN EL7 although it really is on it’s last legs after nearly 3 years of being used every day. Time to invest in a new one I think… 

9: What apps do you use to edit your pics?

In the main I use the Olympus editing software. I will then use apps such as ‘Retouch’ to remove unwanted objects and finally instagram editing to adjust light and colour, if required.

10: What advice would you give to new bloggers/instagrammers wanting to make their mark?

Stay true to yourself. It sounds cheesy but it’s very easy to look at other successful accounts and be influenced by what they are doing. You have to find your own creativity, block everything else out and listen to your inner voice. Promote things that you truly believe in, not because they might be offering you a bit of cash to do so. Integrity is everything. Find your niche and stick to it. 

11: What do you cringe at the most on Instagram?

Excessive pouters and cheesy product placement shots. 

 12: What is the best advice for handling Criticism?

Try to respond with grace and dignity (admittedly not always easy) and if it gets nasty and personal simply block them and move on. Any negativity that you receive on instagram usually says a lot about that person’s unhappiness than you and you have to learn to rise above it. 

13: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

People will happily tell you how they feel about every aspect of your life. Sometimes that can come as a bit of a shock!  But if you choose to put yourself out there and share your life with strangers, you have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. Criticism is part of the job.  

14: As a highly successful instagrammer, what advice would you give to your children before they embark on Instagram?

Don’t do it!!! Only kidding. I think I would encourage them to be as creative as possible. Put thought and time into your posts and don’t just post for the sake of posting.

Thank you Chloe for being so open and honest in your interview.  I think we can all agree that you can never really go wrong with a good blazer, jean, t-shirt and trainer combo. If you don’t already follow Chloe go take a look at her instagram account and her blog and let me know what you think.  Hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as I did.
Love Chet x

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