An Interview with Victoria Genevieve ‘victoriagenevievestyling’

An Interview with Victoria Genevieve ‘victoriagenevievestyling’

Since writing my post on Personal Stylists and Confidence I have been asked numerous questions by people interested in finding out more. How does a personal stylist work? What do they do exactly? Can I afford one?

Those of you that know me will know that I am a massive fan of Personal Stylist. I believe that finding the right stylist can help a person find their unique and personal style, save money in the long run, leave a person feeling more body confident and help you get out of a style rut.

Different stylists will work in different ways and the best way to see if the stylist fits is to phone and chat to them and see how it all feels. Don’t be mislead into thinking that once you use a Personal Stylist you can’t ever shop by yourself! You can. They will give you the confidence and tools to shop wisely and sensibly.

Victoria Genevieve is stylist and personal shopper for many women. A mother of two Victoria’s style is a fabulous mix of high-street and designer. She has a practical yet stylish approach to fashion and here we find out more about her and how she works with her clients.

1: What do you do?

I am a Personal Stylist, Shopper, Wardrobe Detoxer, Outfit Builder and all the rest of those titles that have been thrown in this industries direction. But above all of those titles I am someone that my clients come to to get help. Help with confidence, feeling good about themselves and saving time in the mornings when those few minutes can make a difference to their day. I always say 

“If you walk out of your front door not liking what you are wearing then you will not feel as confident, your head will not be as high and your interactions and decisions will not be the same as if you actually felt amazing which I can help you achieve in just one session with me.”

2: What packages do you offer and how much do they cost?

I don’t offer a set package as each clients requirements are totally different. I always say I am not a hard sell, it’s baby steps and as little or as much as you need, when you need it. My business has exploded so I’m currently taking bookings for SS18, which is great for me but means that if you need my help and style experience you would need to plan and book ahead.

Prices start from £85 per hour but I do offer slots of 4 hours which works out a lot cheaper. I offer the following sessions, Wardrobe Detox, Personal Shopping and Outfit Building. Outfit building is creating your own personal ‘style file’ which maximises your wardrobe even more after the personal shopping.

3: What can a client expect from booking a session with you and what does this involve?

A client can expect to feel amazing and confident after a session with me, generally people wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. 

Clients can expect to have a total detox and de-clutter, an honest opinion from someone who is neutral to their life but understands their lifestyle and the demands from their wardrobe. My clients are generally left feeling positive and they are amazed as to how much lighter, brighter and more confident they feel. 

4: Do you recommend a minimum budget spend?

My clients spend anything between £600 and £10,000, budgets can vary depending on your goals and wardrobe requirements.

I personally have a very tight budget but have always worked with higher end fashion companies so you are in good hands no matter what you want to spend. Just think about how much money you waste a year and still have nothing to wear. If you let a Stylist like myself help you you’d probably spend the same or less and have LOADS to wear.

5: Do you work with high street retailers as well as designer brands?

 Yes, I work with everyone. There is no good being too brand loyal, I get the best from everyone.

6: What makes a good stylist / client relationship?

Honesty and clear open communication is key.

7: How do you help women build confidence through clothes?

Clothes are very powerful tools and that is why there is such a mammoth retail and fashion industry. I use clothes as a tool to help women build an external image and give them that extra internal confidence and boost they need. I know, from first hand experience and existing clients that my help and knowledge has such a huge impact on their lives in more ways than they had imagined. 

8: Key pieces you recommend every woman should buy for AW17 season? 

Footwear with pearl studs will be key and also layering will continue to be big. Think floaty layers over denim and leather. I am loving the boho vibe that we’ve seen throughout SS17 and that look is set to continue through the AW season. Keep that Kimono out girls!

If you’d like to get in touch with Victoria please use her Instagram or Facebook accounts as her website is currently under construction.

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