What is your style manifesto?

What is your style manifesto?

Most of you will be wondering what on earth a style manifesto is?  It is a wardrobe game changer.  It is the clever way in which Clare Chambers – personal stylist and a good friend of mine gets you to start thinking about how YOU want the world at large to see you.

There are three key ways in which we communicate with each other.

The words and language we use.
Body language, facial expressions and eye contact.
Style and appearance help to communicate personality.

We all communicate, every second of every day so this will not be new to you.  BUT have you stopped to think what is it that you are trying to communicate through your clothes?

People buy clothes that suit them and to communicate to others their personality. However I’m guessing that you won’t have ever thought too hard about why you wear the clothes you wear.

Our wardrobe is our VISUAL non-verbal communication tool.  Our clothes carry the message we want to convey to others. 

This will change over time and through different situations and life-stages.  The twenty year old me would have had a very different style manifesto to the 30 year old me.  The pregnant me would have had a different style manifesto to the current me. 

Your style manifesto will be ever evolving depending on your life-stage, job, situation and circumstance and will help to act as a guide for any given period of time in your life and therefore it is also ok and important to stop and make changes to suit your evolving needs.

The Style Manifesto is Clare’s system for building the perfect capsule wardrobe.  This is not about trends or buying the latest must have clothing items.  This is about understanding that we are all unique and therefore we need to have a wardrobe full of clothes that reflect who we are as individuals.

How do we go about creating our style manifesto? 

We do this by carefully selecting 5 words that express our personality, our lifestyle and our goals and then writing them on a Post-It note and making sure that that Post-It note is placed somewhere visible in the wardrobe to serve as an everyday reminder about how you want your style and therefore yourself to be perceived.

Here’s how you put together your Manifesto:-

1: This first word needs to express a POSITIVE characteristic you either currently possess or want to improve/develop this year.

My word is CONFIDENT.  Since starting my blog and social media journey I have often had many self-doubts. I want to look and feel confident both in the mind and the body.  I may show this through my use of bold colours and colour clashing if the mood takes or keep it super simple and tone things down.  Either way it is about being confident in my choices.


2: Choose a word that you ASPIRE to be more of and want to portray through your outfits.

My word is FEARLESS.  I am almost mid-way through my 40s and I want to continue trying new things and expanding my horizons whether that’s in clothes or new situations.  I want to stretch myself and take on projects that might seem over-whelming at times.  I hope to portray this every now and then in my outfits by wearing clothes that may seem a little different.


3: This word needs to be linked to the overall visual aesthetic you would like to create within your SIGNATURE STYLE.

My word is CREATIVE.  As a full-time mum to two girls (who are both at school) my Fashion, Food and Lifestyle blog and social media have become my new creative outlet and project.  I want elements of my signature style to show that I’m pushing my creativity.


4: What word do you want to communicate through your clothing that tells someone more about your CURRENT LIFESTYLE?

My word is FEMENINE.  I have always been very happy and proud to be a ‘girl / woman’.  Having two daughters means that the female energy in the house is at an all time high.  I love this energy and whole-heartedly embrace it (the ups and the downs).  For my wardrobe this will mean many dresses, skirts, floaty materials, florals.  I will pair these feminine items with trainers, denim and leather to communicate the other aspects of my personality.


5: Finally pick a word that expresses another piece of your personality you want people to instantly recognise when they see you.

My word is CLASSIC. Whilst I love trends and showing my creativity through clothing I love classic pieces and accessories.  I like to buy and wear items that will be in my wardrobe for time to come.  There will be Blazers, Jeans, Shirts, Dresses and Skirts mixed up with trend items to give them a more current look and feel.

So now that you have your style manifesto be sure to place it somewhere visible in your wardrobe to remind you of what it is you are trying to say to the world about yourself.

Don’t worry if you go back and change your words, it takes time to figure out what feels right and represents you and your personality and life goals. 

Finally it is good to change these key words as life-stages and goals change so that you have an up to date list of words that work for you.

I would love to hear what your 5 words are and whether this has been of some help.

Also make sure you join myself and Clare inside her private facebook community for more style tips.


Love Chet x



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